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My Dream Life

Everyone has a dream life. A most ideal version of the future that they wish would come true. While everyone has a dream future, not everyone gets to live their dream future. Lots of people don't get to live the most ideal version of their life. They instead have to settle for what they get in life, for their current situation in life. There are even lots of people who so thoroughly believe that they don't even stand a chance at achieving their best possible future that they haven't given any serious thought to what a dream life would be. They couldn't even describe to a friend what they really want out of life. Those people who haven't given themselves permission to dream can never reach their best life, because you can't reach something you aren't aiming for. Well, I definitely want to live my dream life, my best life. So, the first step in that process is to dream. I need to think about what I want for my life. I have given this a lot of thought,