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Document Your Life Through A Blog

 I love looking back at stuff I did when I was a little kid. I have a desk at my old room at my parent's house that is filled with stuff I worked on as a youngster. There are notebooks filled with drawings. The drawings I made as a kid were very bad. I had little skill as an artist . I'm still not a great illustrator, but I have definitely gotten better when I look back at what I used to be capable of. I would draw people that looked more like octopuses than anyone you've ever seen. I would draw houses that would likely collapse if actually built. All sorts of stuff. Other notebooks filled with things I wrote. I would write tiny, one sentence thoughts. I would practice spelling by writing the same words over and over again in a column. Sometimes I wrote short stories. I would make lists of things . Random things. I never had a consistent diary like some people had, but I would occasionally write a single page that seems like it would fit well in a diary. It would describe s

Where To Get Keys Made Near Me

 Do you need a copy made of one of your keys? Getting your key duplicated can be a pain. I used to live in an apartment, and the landlord there only gave me one key to the place. I asked about getting a second copy of the key from them, but they refused. They would only give me the one copy. The reasoning behind that was because they only wanted me to have access to the unit. I was the only person on the lease, and I was the only person they knew, so I was the only person they wanted in there regularly. I was welcome to invite people over to my place, but they only wanted other people there while I was there. They explained that if I had multiple sets of keys to the door, I might offer a copy of the key to a friend of mine who I might let use the apartment even if I were at work or away for the weekend. They didn't want me to have a spare key for fear that I would let people they didn't know come and go without me there to supervise them. That reasoning is sound, and it makes s

Can Short Blog Posts Rank As Well As Long Posts?

 Back when blogging was brand new (and when blogs were still called web logs) people wrote extremely short posts. Very short posts were the norm. Lots of people would regularly publish blog posts that were under 300 words long. Sometimes people would just post a few sentences that would make up a thought they were having. Now, people would consider content of that length to be "micro-blogging". Those would be the sorts of posts left to sites like Twitter and Tumblr. Over time, as blogging has grown to be a more widely practiced activity, people have generally moved to longer posts. Bloggers write posts that contain more information and which achieve larger word counts. There could be a few different reasons why this has been the direction of the trend. It might just be that people are writing different types of content for their blogs. Blogs used to be online diaries. They were just a place to share brief stories of the things that were happening in the author's life , a

My Previous Attempts At Online Business

 I am currently writing this blog as my main online business. I am choosing to not write exclusively in a single niche or even a cluster of niches. I am just writing about what I want to write about in the moment. I write about what interests me . My aim in this is to attract readers who have overlapping interests with me. I believe that if I write enough articles that I will attract a large enough audience to build a sustainable business . I have read that, especially in online businesses, a key to success is persistence. Whatever it is you are doing online, you have to do a lot of it and for a long time. You cannot just pump out five videos or posts in a week and expect success. You've got to put out work regularly for months or years. And sticking with a business for months or years is difficult if you are not interested in the kind of content you are producing. You have to pick a subject you care about so that you can actually stick with it. I wrote a few articles on a couple

The 8 Streaming Apps on My Phone Right Now

 Streaming video content is so much better than cable. I remember when I was a kid and cable was the thing I aspired to have. We only had antennae over-the-air broadcast television early on. The channels were limited to the 5 major networks ( CBS , NBC , ABC , FOX , and PBS ), so there was not a lot to pick from.  It seemed like even less interesting content to watch as a kid. During the day there were daytime soap operas and court room shows, and in the evenings there were the full gamut of shows aimed at adults. Saturday mornings were basically the only time there was programming aimed at children, aside from afternoons on PBS. The appeal of cable over the free broadcast programming was the increased variety of shows and movies to watch. Any mainstream taste could be satisfied on a regular basis through cable channels. You could watch children's programming, news, travel, drama, comedy, thriller, horror, game shows, reality TV, documentaries, movies, etc. You could watch just abo