I am passionate about learning. There isn't really anything in life I find more enjoyable than encountering new ideas and developing a further understanding of the world.

I am a huge trivia nerd, I really enjoyed college, and I am an Enneagram Type 5 (whose main motivator is knowledge). Education, both institutionally and self-directed, is a passion of mine.

I used to think that I'd really like to be a teacher or professor some day. I guess I haven't totally ruled it out as something I'd accept if the opportunity came up, but now I am more fired up by blogging and sharing what I've learned through writing on the internet.

Education should be more highly prioritized in society. Some societies do a pretty good job of incentivizing their best and brightest to become teachers and help to enlighten the next generation of minds. 

The United States doesn't seem to prioritize it all that highly. So many people are afraid of education or resentful those who have it because they had such a bad experience in school when they were younger. Teaching people to love learning is therefore one of the most important things to teach.

Everyone should be a lifelong learner. Having a sense of curiosity and an understanding of how to find information and how to learn about it is critical to that end, but unfortunately many people are burned out on learning.

I hope that in some small way, my enthusiasm for learning will come through my blog posts and inspire others to pursue their own continued education into whatever they find most interesting.

This page will act as a content hub that will link out to all of my content which touches on the topic of education. Please explore and enjoy the content below!

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