Podcasts and Music

 I am definitely not alone is saying that podcasts and music are a couple of my favorite things. I would consider them both hobbies, though I don't create either. I am a consumer of both.

In my free time, I would say that music and podcasts are the things I spend most of my time on. It felt natural for me to write about those topics here on this blog since it was what my mind was going to anyways.

This page will act as a content hub for all of my articles on anything audio. Podcasts, music, audio streaming platforms, and reviews of any of the above. 


  • Link Roundup #1  - This post is a link roundup where I recommended a couple podcasts I think are great. The whole post isn't about podcasts, but because it touches on the subject I thought I'd include it here.

  • Sam Harris' Generous Subscription Policy  - This post is also not strictly about podcasts, but Sam Harris runs a podcast that I listen to regularly and this is about the subscription policy to that and all of his other digital works.

  • Most Inspirational Bloggers  - The people I write about in this post are primarily bloggers, but some of them also have podcasts that are worth listening to.



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