It always helps to do research on something before you buy something or go somewhere. You might not learn a lot and it might end up being just about exactly what you expected, but sometimes you can get some very helpful insights before you take action.

Before I travel somewhere or make a purchase of anything over $50 I look it up online and look for reviews from real people and possibly ratings. I especially like to find reviews by bloggers on their websites because they tend to be more in depth and reliable. 

The blogger is trying to uphold their reputation when they share a review of something, but the anonymous reviews on Amazon or Yelp can be dishonest or misleading because they have nothing to lose when they leave a review.

I will still take in reviews from places like Amazon and Yelp, but I feel lucky when I can find a review on a blog.

I have written some reviews of things I've used and places I've been, and I want to offer those reviews to you to help you in your decision.

This is a category page that will link to all of my review blog posts. I will break the reviews up into 3 sections: Reviews of products, Reviews of media (TV, music, etc.), and Reviews of places and businesses.

Reviews of Products

Reviews of Media

Reviews of Places and Businesses


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