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Best Ice Cream Places Near Apple Valley, MN

 I love ice cream! It is so delicious and it can really hit the spot when you are craving it. Grocery store ice cream definitely has some benefits. You can find just about any flavor you are interested in. There are lots of brands to choose from. And you can keep the ice cream in your freezer at home so that you've got ice cream ready when the mood strikes you. But sometimes ice cream from a restaurant or ice cream parlor is what you really want. If you are currently in that mood and are in Apple Valley, Lakeville , or Rosemount, MN, I have got some suggestions for you! Related:  List of Restaurants in the Lakeville and Apple Valley MN Area Culver's I think Culver's has the best ice cream, period. It is hands down the best. It is ultra smooth and creamy. The chocolate and the vanilla have the perfect flavor. And, while I don't tend to order many flavors other than vanilla and chocolate, they are well known for their "Flavor of the Day", so there is always some Is Being Retired

 I like to check the stats for my blog pretty regularly to see how I'm doing, and I get those stats from a few different websites. One of the sites I look to for info about how I'm doing is  Alexa is a company which collects info about most of the websites on the internet . It tries to provide people with info about the amount of traffic websites get, what keywords they rank in search engines for, and what other websites cover similar topics. Alexa provides even more than that, but generally, it can be categorized as a website competitive analysis and keyword research tool. Alexa is the company which puts out the famous "Alexa Rank". The Alexa Rank is a number which is assigned to websites based on how popular their website is - which is based on the amount of traffic each site gets. A site ranked #1 is the most popular website in the world, and the larger the number of your score, the less popular and visited your site. It gives website owners an idea h