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photo of the face of Wayne W Walls

Hi! This is my blog! The place where I share the things that I have created. I create digital art using programs like Adobe Photoshop Essentials and vector art programs like Inkscape. I use a Bamboo Pen and Tablet that is pressure sensitive so that I can paint in a way that feels as close to natural, just as if I were painting using a brush, but digital painting is cleaner and cheaper. To accompany each of my images I create a random story. It is just another form of art that I wish to share with you. I have a RedBubble Store where I sell each of the pieces of art that I've created. In my store you can have an image printed on loads of different high quality products like canvas, fine art prints, t-shirts, bags, phone cases, notebooks and much more! You can also stay updated with my works by following me on 
Instagram @WayneWWalls
Twitter @WayneWWalls

Thanks so much for checking out my art and I would love it if you could help me grow by sharing my work with your friends! Also each purchase from my RedBubble store gets me closer to doing art full time, which would be a genuine dream come true!


  1. many tx for visiting my site - wishing you the best here :)


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