This category page will help you find all of this site's articles that focus on things in specific places. There are going to be posts that discuss the things I've seen and visited while traveling and on vacation, but there will also be some posts about businesses, restaurants, breweries, stores and any other places I thought were interesting enough to write about in my own hometown area of Minnesota in the suburbs south of the Twin Cities.

At this time, most of my "places" themed articles are reviews of things in the area around where I live. Over time I hope to add many more articles that cover the stuff from my past vacations. Whenever I am traveling to a new area, I look to the internet to find the stuff worth doing there, but all too often all I find are mega review sites like Yelp. I personally prefer to read about the experiences of individuals on their own blogs, and when I find something like that in the search results, that is what I gravitate towards.

My aim in writing these travel articles is to help inform people of what they can expect if they visit somewhere I've reviewed.



Apple Valley, MN

Lakeville, MN


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