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Blog Income Reports Mega List

 Blog income reports are blog posts created by bloggers who make money from their blog in which they explain how much money their blog has generated for them during a given period of time. Often they are monthly income reports, but sometimes they are quarterly, semiannually, or annually. These blogger income reports are super interesting and can be hugely inspiring for anyone considering starting a blog to make money online. And not just to give people the push they need to get started with blogging, but also as an encouraging reminder of what is possible when you keep working at building a blog you've already started.  Lots of bloggers fail because they give up too early in their blogging career. It might be that almost every blogger would succeed if only they kept at it long enough, but so many fail because they quit before they find success. Spending a bit of time every once in a while looking at the successes of other bloggers, as seen in their income reports, can help blogger

Local Bloggers Have Stiff Competition

 The internet is very crowded. It seems like millions of people are contributing information to the internet. A lot of it is on social media, where you are unlikely to ever find it unless you follow the creators themselves. But a large portion is also being posted to blogs and self-hosted, non-platform, non-social media type websites. And that is the type of content that is going to get picked up by Google and shown to people searching for answers using the search engine. That is the type of content people will actually find and read . And that blogging space / content creation market is super competitive. It might be nearing total saturation, or it might already be fully saturated. We have probably already passed peak content . For any given broad topic, there is more content written competing for rankings in that area on Google than any person could reasonably read in their lifetime. The competition is so steep and fierce. And it isn't like a bunch of individual writers and blogg

Why Does It Take So Long To Rank In Google?

 When you write some content and publish it to your blog, it would be pretty cool if the rankings and traffic started rolling in immediately. Right after hitting publish is when I am usually most interested in a blog post, and unfortunately, that is when it has the impact and shows the fewest results. Good things take time, and that certainly applies to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and blogging . If you are running a big blog with a high Domain Authority, sometimes your posts can get indexed and ranked by Google within a day. Unless you are running one of those big blogs, it is going to take you a bit longer than that. So why does it take so long to rank your blog posts in Google? It has to do with Google's algorithm, and nobody but Google knows exactly how that works or what it takes into account. All I am about to say is speculation, but then, almost everything written about SEO, other than what is written by Google, is speculation to some degree. I believe they require all c

The Skilled Marketer Paradox: Do Good Marketers Need Jobs?

 Look around the world of work and at job board postings and you will see a ton of positions open for digital marketers. Companies have come to realize how effective and efficient digital media and content marketing can be in generating sales and brand recognition. Now that they see the need for marketing that works for them, they are trying their best to hire marketers to do that work for them . Often in the job postings there will be a requirement for previous experience. Few if any of the open positions will accept applicants with less than 2 years of previous experience doing marketing professionally. Lots of these positions even want 7-9 years experience. And they don't just want experience, they want proven results. They want marketers who can show them how they made an impact on the businesses they have worked for before. They want to see traffic and rankings growth. They want to see sales and conversions growth. But I see this as fundamentally unreasonable and impossible. I

Can Blogger Blogspot Blogs Rank In Google?

 I am a blogger. I want to write articles about things I care about, have them crawled, indexed, and ranked by search engines, and have people organically find and read my content. I am not writing only for me (although I do enjoy the process of blogging and writing my ideas out), I am writing to attract and inform/entertain an audience. If my content does not rank in the search engines, then nobody will find my content, and there is much less of an incentive for me to be blogging. From Google's perspective (and the other search engines), it seems that they want to show users the best possible content which will satisfy their queries. They should not have any biases for or against any sort of content. So long as a piece of content is valuable to readers, it should show up in the results. That is just good business for them. With the millions of blog posts being published every day , it is very difficult for a company like Google to determine which articles are the best quality and