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How Many Blog Posts Do You Need to Rank in Google?

The question of how many blog posts or articles a blog needs to have posted before they begin to see any real traffic or first page rankings in Google is a really common question, especially among new bloggers or people who are considering starting a blog.  This is pretty reasonable because a person who is new to blogging has not tried all that many blogging related activities to find success, so they haven’t seen any success or results, and they are wondering if things will improve or if they have been wasting their time.  For the person who is considering starting a blog, they might have read other articles and blogs about “How To Make Money Online Through Blogging”, but wonder if it is all false hype or if it is truly possible, and what it might take in order to achieve any real success. And even if it is possible on the whole, what sorts of blogging activities are most effective in producing measurable, useful results? For as reasonable as this query is, and as many p

Why Dave’s Killer Bread is my Favorite Bread

When I was growing up my family only ate white bread. The cheapest kind of white bread we could find.  I didn’t feel shorted or disappointed in this choice of bread, partly because it was all I’d ever known bread to be, and also because white bread is genuinely pretty tasty. The white bread toasts well and is great for making sandwiches. I loved my bread and I had no motivation to seek or try other types of bread. When I started living with my wife, she taught me that white bread is not very healthy and that the bakers who make it remove basically all beneficial parts of the underlying grain when they make it. She insisted that we buy and eat only healthy bread. That would be some kind of multigrain bread.  Most bread is made from wheat, which is ground to make the flour which is combined with other ingredients to make dough. The wheat naturally has a very starchy part and a fibrous part, and with white bread the fibrous part is filtered out, leaving only the starchy par

How to Use Wikipedia Citations in Research Papers

Research papers are a staple project in almost every level of academics. Research papers are a great learning exercise because it is less structured than a fill-in-the-blank or multiple-choice type of homework and because it requires deep immersion and self-navigation of a topic.  The topic of the paper may be assigned by the teacher or may be chosen by the student, but other than the topic choice and the style of reference citation, the direction of the paper is often decided by the student.  In order to write a good paper that will achieve its purpose and earn a good grade, the student must read lots of articles and documents, many source materials, and learn a lot about the subject. Once a broad understanding of the topic is gained, an outline of the final paper may be drafted that can help direct further research into specific aspects of the broader topic.  From that point, it is important to read even more about the subject, and to keep track of quotations and

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Coworking Spaces

I understand the draw of a coworking space.  People have found ways to earn a living without needing to arrive at a physical location each day. There is freelancing , telecommuting, remote employment , solopreneurship , blogging , and I’m sure many more ways.  People with these sorts of incomes can work from home each and every day if they want. They can travel nonstop . They can work from a Starbucks or local coffee shop. But those people sometimes begin to miss the social aspects of an office or physical workplace.  When you go to work everyday with the same coworkers, you end up developing friendships and having conversations. You fall into a comfortable routine and experience a sense of shared community in the space where you work. The relatively new concept of a coworking space intends to fulfill some of those missing parts of work when working remotely.  Because most of the remote workers are able to work from just a laptop wherever they have an internet c