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Remote Workers Should Move To Small Towns

 Cities are great. Cities have lots of restaurants, shops, theaters, and other hubs of culture. They have plenty of sights to see. They have tons of people. They usually have better public transportation and more taxis. There is a lot to like about cities which would attract people to live in them. But a major reason why people move to cities is for the work opportunities that exist there. Many of the best paying jobs are in cities. If a person wants one of those jobs, they have to move to where the work is. For a long time, this has generally drawn people from around the country, people who formerly lived in rural areas and small towns, to big cities. And while there is plenty of upside to city life, there are also some challenges. There are some reasons why people might want to leave the city. There are lots of people. I listed that as a benefit before, but it can also be a problem. There are few private spaces in big cities. Everywhere you go, there will be people. Sometimes it'