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The Importance of Entrepreneurship to the Economy and Society

An entrepreneur is a special kind of person.  The entrepreneur is a life/world/reality designer.  The entrepreneur takes what isn’t yet and makes it happen. Someone who is entrepreneurial or chooses the path of entrepreneurship will create the world that others live in.  Where most people must settle for the way things are and must pounce on the job opportunities they see in the world because those are the limit of possibilities for them, the entrepreneur will choose to create opportunities for themselves and others when they do not see the opportunities they wish for. Clearly, I think highly of entrepreneurs. Can Everyone Be An Entrepreneur? I think that there are some people who lack the skills and the mindset to ever be entrepreneurial. They will go through their entire life only taking what other people give to them or allow them the chance to work for. All of their life’s choices are simply what more spirited people have created for them. 

Why Is There A Minus 1 In the Annuity Formula

I was learning about the annuity formula in a math class I was taking.  Math and formulas are fun and really cool. Formulas, especially, are cool because they allow you to do complicated, time-consuming things much more quickly than you could without them.  I am a nerd and I love that moment when I fully understand a formula and how it came to be, the proof of the formula.  But I was struggling to understand the Annuity Formula. Much of it made sense. It is basically just compounding interest applied to many equal payments over time, and then summing the payments and various amounts of interest accrued over time.  But I didn’t understand the -1 (minus one) part of the equation.  The equation looks like this: Here are the variable declarations. A = the final value of all investment and accrued interest m = the amount of each annuity payment r = the annual interest rate n = the number of times per year that payments are made t = time, in yea

Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper Review

I love popcorn. I love eating popcorn at those places we usually eat popcorn like movie theaters and sporting events.  Popcorn, as simple as it is, really brings up the enjoyment level of those activities. I am a bit confused and frustrated, however, at how crazy expensive popcorn can be in those concession stands. One can hardly imagine a cheaper food (the popcorn, especially when purchased in large quantities, is incredibly cheap, the butter or butter flavored oil, the salt, even fancy flavored salts like garlic or buffalo, are all very cheap). But when you buy a bag of popcorn at an event, it is often $7-$10.  I love popcorn, but I can hardly afford to spend that kind of money on something so cheap to make. That would just be silly and wasteful.  I understand that the high markups on popcorn, and other concession stand staples like soda and candy, subsidize the existence of the event and location. For example, in the case of movie theaters, often the ticket admissio

Aesop Rock Review

Aesop Rock is my favorite lesser-known rapper.  I don’t think he is so unknown as to be called underground, but he isn’t a household name.  Aesop Rock lyrics are unlike popular music and mainstream rap lyrics that you hear today. While other musicians write songs about having a lot of money and driving nice cars, maybe traveling the world in luxury accommodations, Aesop writes almost anything but that.  Some of Aesop’s songs are like fictional stories, the telling of a character and their actions, some are almost like essays that describe how he feels about various topics, some are almost entirely abstract, stringing together lines that seem to have little to do with each other.  One common theme throughout all of Aesop’s songs is very poetic lyrics and dense rhyming patterns. The language he uses is uncommon. It sounds beautiful strung together as it is, but it takes a moment to translate it in your head to what would be common speak and understand the meaning.

Best Educational Podcasts on Spotify

Podcasts are a fantastic way to spend time and occupy your mind.  Many people listen to podcasts while commuting to work, whether driving in their own car or taking public transportation.  They are good for providing entertainment while doing routine household chores like cleaning and mowing the lawn.  They are even perfect for during workouts. Some people may prefer music with a high BPM to motivate them during a workout or long run, but I seem to be able to work out longer and with more enthusiasm if my thinking mind is too busy with a podcast to have thoughts like, “Gee, I sure am tired and sweaty!” Your reason for having time to listen to podcasts is possibly one consideration in choosing what specific podcast to listen to but understanding what you hope to get out of it is also important.  Are you listening for entertainment? For something to make you laugh ? To get caught up with daily news? Are you interested in what your favorite celebrity thinks? 

Google Chrome Touchpad Scroll Not Working SOLUTION

I use and love Google Chrome . It is my favorite web browser and my default program for web browsing.  Unfortunately, I’ve had some trouble with it recently, and it has caused me such frustration that I considered switching to an alternative such as Mozilla Firefox .  I think I have found the solution to the problem, though! Description of the Problem I primarily use Chrome on my laptop, and I have become accustomed to using the tracking pad’s touchpad gestures. I use two fingers at once to scroll down pages.  I sometimes use other people’s laptops which don’t offer that gesture, and I quickly realize how much I like that feature.  On my own laptop, in Chrome specifically, I will sometimes lose the ability to two-finger scroll. I will be on a page, I will have two finger scrolled some ways down the page, and then suddenly it will stop working. The computer won’t be frozen, I will be able to click the arrows at the right-hand side to scroll the page, I will be