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Best Music 1

This post is in keeping with the spirit of my recent post where I shared my new blogging goal of recommending things I like to my readers. I want to share a few of the songs I've been listening to lately so that you can try them out and see if you like them too. I don't have a whole lot to say about each song. This isn't intended to be like a music listening analysis report where I describe the rhythmic structure or tonal qualities of the music. I am just sharing some tunes I enjoy. I want this to become a recurring segment, whether that be daily, weekly, or even having any regularity at all. It could be totally random. Related: Best Music 2 Some editions of the "Best Music" series might have a genre theme, but for this first one I will not intentionally choose a theme. I am simply going into my Liked Songs playlist on Spotify and picking out some winners. The Best Music of My Week Million Bucks by Smallpools This song has such a great sunny

I Am Going To Become A Recommendation Engine

What do I have planned for this blog? What do I want the content I write to do for my readers? Many people who give advice in the blogging niche talk about needing to write informational content which answers the questions your readers have. The strategy behind this advice makes a lot of sense. You want to have your content show up in the Google results when people are performing searches so that they will click on your site and read your stuff. By writing informational and factual content, Google is much more likely to find something worthy of answering a search query and serve it up to searchers. A blogger, or anyone who writes content for a website, should spend some of their focus and writing efforts on this type of educational content . I think that I would like to spend some of my writing effort on another type of content as well. I think that I could provide a lot of value to the world and to my readers by sharing my opinions on things I have tried so that they can ben