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3 Undiscovered Travel Blogs You Need To Know About

 I love finding and binge reading all the content on smaller blogs. Blogs run by solo bloggers , families, or blogger partners. It can be hard to find these great bloggers because they sometimes don't rank very well in search engines. I have found a tool which has helped me to discover these hidden gems of the blogging world, a search engine called Million Short . Million Short eliminates the most popular websites from the results so you just find the hard-to-find results. I have wished there were directories of these smaller blogs that were sorted by niche topic, but I have had little luck in finding such directories. This post is intended to be a mini-directory which can point you to some awesome bloggers and their sites. They get too little attention for the great content they produce, and hopefully this article can change that! Travel Blogs The theme of this mini directory is Travel. Travel blogs are all the rage these days, and it seems like there are millions of people docum

How "Million Short" Search Engine Can Help You Find The Internet's Hidden Content

Search engines, like Google and Bing, are clever ways of organizing the content available on the internet.  The World Wide Web would be a totally unusable mess without some way to search through it. If you had to find new resources by only clicking on links within pages you knew the URL for, you would be unable to view the majority of the content on the web.  I remember in the 1990s when search engines were very basic, and almost completely unhelpful, there was a yellow pages for the internet that you could buy.  It was a very thick physical book which sorted websites based on their topic.  You would use it just like you would use the traditional Yellow Pages for finding the phone numbers for businesses.  You would search for something you were interested in, "Gardening" for example, and flip to that page of the book. On the "Gardening" page they would have a list of all of the sites which covered that topic and provided their URL. That phone book system was better

How To Cause Economic Development

My wife and I took a trip to Maine this summer for our annual vacation.  We flew into Portland, ME , rented a car, and drove to Surry, ME . In Surry, we rented a tiny house on the peninsula through AirBnB. It was really a really cool experience. The space was too small to be comfortable long-term, so I would never want to live in a tiny home, but it was great for a short stay during vacation. Several of our days in Maine were spent hiking in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. To get there we drove through small towns like Ellsworth and Trenton . One evening for supper we drove to Belfast, Maine and ate at Darby's which was right next door to the Colonial Theatre . Maine was beautiful. There were so many trees and we were right by the ocean. Instead of sandy beaches, the coast was mostly giant black rocks. I had a great time there and loved almost everything I saw and experienced. At times, I thought I might like to live in Maine. Something I couldn't help but noti