Does Total Wine check IDs?

You have to be 21 years of age or older to purchase alcohol in the United States. And most liquor stores will not just take your word for it, they will require seeing a state identification card (such as a drivers license) to prove your age. The best practice would be to just carry your drivers license with you when you go to the liquor store, but you might be wondering if you really need it. Or maybe you are on your way to the liquor store and have just realized you don’t have your ID with you, and are wondering if you need to go home to get it first. I can tell you from experience that, yes, you will need your ID . Total Wine is very strict about checking for IDs. I have never had a time where Total Wine did not check for an ID. Total Wine’s own website says they have a policy where they will check for ID from anyone that appears to be under the age of 30. However, in practice I think the cashiers at Total Wine just ask for IDs from everyone of any age. Total Wine also has a policy

Is Democratic Government Necessary to Achieve an Ideal Society?

I took an Intro to Philosophy class in college and one of the biggest assignments was a final paper. In the paper, we were supposed to follow the philosophical method of argument to answer one of several question prompts. This post is just the paper I submitted. “Is Democratic Government Necessary to Achieve an Ideal Society?” Definitions The terms used in this question have the potential to be quite nebulous. Before I attempt to provide and support an answer to the question, I will present my own definitions and distinctions to ensure that you, the reader, and I, the author, are seeing in our minds the same things as we move through this work. An “ Ideal Society ” is that community of people who can provide for all its members the highest possible standard of living. Absolute economic equality is not necessary to have this ideal society, but it is required that some reasonable or even generous standard be made for what poverty is, and no person can exist below that standard.  The

Does Investing Work If Everyone Does It?

I am a fan of the podcast Planet Money . As the title would suggest, the podcast discusses issues related to money and economics . And sometimes they take listener questions and turn the answers into entire episodes. And at the end of the episodes, they ask for listeners to send in their questions. A few years ago I sent them an email with a question I had. They did not reply. A little while later I replied to that email just to basically try to get them to see it and respond. They did not ever reply. But I thought my question was pretty good, so I am posting it here for anyone to read. My Question About Investing It is common good advice that to plan for your future and work towards a happy retirement you should save some portion of your income and invest that money. When you invest your money, the plan is that the money works for you, so that even when you are not working, you are still making money.  If the rate of return of your chosen investments is sufficient, and you are able t

Age of Empires 2 Won't Launch on Windows 10 (Solution)

I bought the CDs for Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings and the expansion Age of Empires 2: Conqueror's Expansion many years ago. I installed them on the desktop PC my family had at the time, and the games installed and worked just fine. No issues. Those games were a couple of my favorites. But life gets busy and I kind of forgot about them. Many years later, I remembered them again, and so installed them on the computer I had at the time. The games still installed and played problem-free. This year, I again remembered I owned these games, and in order to play them again I would need to install them on my current computer. I figured since it went well in the past, it should go well this time. I also thought that as technology advances, computers just naturally get better, so if my very old computer from over 10 years ago could handle playing these games, surely my newish computer should do just fine. I loaded up the discs and clicked "install" on the installation wizard tha

Great Big List of Individual Bloggers

I love the internet. I love the possibilities the internet offers to allow people to share things with the world. No matter who you are or what you are passionate about, you can put something out there, and other people in the world can find it. That is so extremely exciting to me!  I have heard lots of people (mostly on podcasts ) talk about how there used to be gatekeepers which would control what the public was allowed to see , hear , and read. Lots of people might have interesting, uncommon ideas to share, but the gatekeepers (such as publishing company executives or broadcast television managers) would choose what would be published, and therefore what was available to the public. It wouldn't matter the value or merit of an idea, if the small number of gatekeepers didn't want it out in the world, it would not get out there. But now, thanks to the internet, the gatekeepers have lost much of their power, and anyone can share what they want with the world. Information is now

List of Restaurants in the Lakeville and Apple Valley MN Area

 Sometimes you want to go out to eat somewhere, but aren't quite sure where to go. And it can be hard to think of options on the spot. Plus, the pressure of trying to decide while you are already hungry doesn't help. I hope the following list of restaurants in the Lakeville, MN and Apple Valley, MN area can help you make that decision. And it never hurts to look over all of your options before choosing. The list is not in any particular order. Just because a restaurant is higher up on the list does not mean that I think it is better than another. If you know of a restaurant I've missed, please let me know about it in the comments, and I will be sure to add it. I want this list to be as helpful as possible. 1.  Simplee Pho   This is a great little restaurant in Apple Valley on Galaxie Avenue that serves Vietnamese and Chinese food. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants. One of my recommendations for ordering here is to order from the Dinner Special section. Those dishes

Do You Ever Get To See The Aliens In Colony?

 I have been watching the TV show Colony on Netflix lately. I believe it originally aired on USA network, but I am late to the series and didn't actually watch it on its home network. The show is a sci-fi drama about an alien invasion that takes place around Los Angeles. The alien invaders use collaborating humans to institute a very strict and heavy-handed authoritarian government. One of the noteworthy key features is that the aliens installed very tall walls that keep various areas segregated. The inability to freely travel causes lots of problems for the characters in the show. In the show, the alien invaders are often referred to as RAPs, which I believe is short for raptors. I'm not entirely sure why they are called raptors. Maybe it is a clue that the aliens look like dinosaurs or birds? In the beginning episodes of the show, you see the effects and technology of the aliens, but you don't actually see the aliens themselves. You see the walls they put up. You see the