Is Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market A Good Place To Work?

 I worked at Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market for several years. When I first started with the company, it was still fairly new. I worked as a clerk in one of their retail store locations. Back then, I really thought it was a great company. Sure it paid too little, but what grocery retailer doesn't pay too little ? But it was a good place to work because it seemed like they genuinely cared about the employees. They did their best to make it a fun place to work and tried to recognize employees that were doing a good job. I felt like all of my coworkers were happy to be there and that sort of upbeat attitude made for a pleasant working environment. I also liked working for Fresh Thyme because of their mission. They were a niche grocery store which wanted to sell healthy and organic foods at reasonable prices. While they never said this, my impression was that they were trying to be like a cheaper Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. They had a list of ingredients which they wouldn't h

How To Use Autocomplete With Data From A Different Column In Excel?

 For work I enter names in different columns. Sometimes the names are the same. It would save me a lot of time if Excel were to recognize that I was typing a name I have previously typed and suggest a finished string of text that I might want. That feature is known as Autocomplete. If you are entering strings of characters (names, keywords, phrases, etc.) in every cell going down a column, then if you start to type the same string again, Excel will suggest to you something you've already entered in another cell. This feature only works within a single column and all the the cells must be touching. That means that you cannot get Autocomplete suggestions based on text entered in another column, and you can't skip a row or leave a row blank on your way down a column, or else the Autocomplete stops working. This is a really cool feature, but I can't make use of it because I want to have Autocomplete suggestions based on the text I've entered in EVERY other cell in the works

Best Chinese Food in Apple Valley, MN

 I love Chinese food! It is so delicious, and the style of cuisine offers so many different dishes to try. If you are looking to find the best Chinese food restaurant in the Lakeville, Apple Valley, Eagan, and Burnsville area, then I have a recommendation for you. Simplee Pho My favorite Asian food is from a restaurant called Simplee Pho . Simplee Pho is a Vietnamese restaurant which also serves Chinese food. As their name suggests, they sell Pho, the Vietnamese soup. I have never actually tried their Pho. They sell Banh Mi sandwiches also. Banh Mis are like Vietnamese sub sandwiches. I have had a Banh Mi before, though not from this restaurant, and it was really good! I'd really like to try them from Simplee Pho sometime. Chinese Food In addition to their core menu of Vietnamese food, Simplee Pho serves Chinese food. In my opinion it is the best Chinese food in Apple Valley. I often feel sick after eating Chinese food, but I have only ever felt good after eating food from Simplee

The Uncertain Hour

 I listen to podcasts every day. I tend to listen to podcasts which are educational and provide me with facts and information. I also particularly enjoy podcasts that talk about economic inequality. I recently heard an ad on another podcast for a podcast which combined everything I like to see in a podcast. The ad was for " The Uncertain Hour " by Marketplace . The Uncertain Hour focuses on obscure laws and policies which shape how the world works and explains some of the inequalities we see around us. The show just released its fifth season. I only listened to season 5. I plan to go back and listen to all of the rest of the seasons, but I was immediately interested in the content of season 5. Season 5 was all about workers who are non-employees. Independent contractors. Temporary workers ("Temps"). Gig workers. It seems like everyone who works a job should be an employee. It isn't even something I ever questioned before. It seems like the options are either th

Should I Manually Regenerate My Water Softener If The Salt Runs Out?

 I became a first time homeowner this year. It was exciting and fun, but also came with some home upkeep chores that I was not used to. One of those chores was to maintain the salt level in the water softener brine tank. I was told by the seller when we moved into the house that we should never let the salt run out, and that we should check it occasionally. If we ever see that the salt is getting low, we should add a bag or two to get the level back up. Well, I completely forgot about that and it did run out of salt. Our water started to taste minerally and we were getting white water spots on our shower door and our cups. I figured that had to do with the water softener, so I went in the basement and looked, and, yup, it was out of salt. I immediately ran to the hardware store to buy 3 bags of water softener salt. I got them home and poured them into the brine tank. Then I started searching Google for articles about what to do if the salt runs out in your water softener. There are loa

Is The Offbeat Life Podcast Any Good?

 I love listening to podcasts . Especially those that talk about digital entrepreneurship and making a full time living blogging or doing something creative on the internet. I love listening to success stories of people who are actually making that work and hearing their backstory of how they went from a typical life working a job to living a very uncommon life of making money by creating digital assets. I found some interviews with successful bloggers on podcasts like The Problogger Podcast with Darren Rowse and the Entrepreneur's Journey podcast with Yaro Starak. Not all of the episodes on those podcasts are that type of interview with a blogger theme, but the ones that are are my favorites. When I had finished all of those episodes I felt like I still wanted more. I looked for similar podcasts, but surprisingly there weren't all that many which provided that type of content. Or at least I had trouble finding them. One of the podcasts which did serve that sort of content w

Should You Use Soy Milk As Infant Formula?

 I am not a dietician, and I have no particular knowledge about what babies should generally eat. I am a regular consumer of Silk brand soy milk. I love to drink soy milk. But I am a full grown adult. The back of the Silk carton says that the products should not be used as an infant formula. They are very clear about that.  I'm not sure if they are writing that to avoid any potential legal troubles that might come of a situation where someone's baby is injured or dies and the parents believe it is because they fed their baby Silk soymilk. I'm not sure if they have that on there because they know for certain that babies do not do well when fed Silk soy milk. There could very well be a soy based product which is specifically designed as an infant formula, but Silk soy milk is not that product. I would not attempt to use a product for something it explicitly says not to use it for. In this case, that means not feeding Silk soy milk to your baby. Don't feed soy milk to babi