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Should I Manually Regenerate My Water Softener If The Salt Runs Out?

 I became a first time homeowner this year. It was exciting and fun, but also came with some home upkeep chores that I was not used to. One of those chores was to maintain the salt level in the water softener brine tank. I was told by the seller when we moved into the house that we should never let the salt run out, and that we should check it occasionally. If we ever see that the salt is getting low, we should add a bag or two to get the level back up. Well, I completely forgot about that and it did run out of salt. Our water started to taste minerally and we were getting white water spots on our shower door and our cups. I figured that had to do with the water softener, so I went in the basement and looked, and, yup, it was out of salt. I immediately ran to the hardware store to buy 3 bags of water softener salt. I got them home and poured them into the brine tank. Then I started searching Google for articles about what to do if the salt runs out in your water softener. There are loa

Is The Offbeat Life Podcast Any Good?

 I love listening to podcasts . Especially those that talk about digital entrepreneurship and making a full time living blogging or doing something creative on the internet. I love listening to success stories of people who are actually making that work and hearing their backstory of how they went from a typical life working a job to living a very uncommon life of making money by creating digital assets. I found some interviews with successful bloggers on podcasts like The Problogger Podcast with Darren Rowse and the Entrepreneur's Journey podcast with Yaro Starak. Not all of the episodes on those podcasts are that type of interview with a blogger theme, but the ones that are are my favorites. When I had finished all of those episodes I felt like I still wanted more. I looked for similar podcasts, but surprisingly there weren't all that many which provided that type of content. Or at least I had trouble finding them. One of the podcasts which did serve that sort of content w

Should You Use Soy Milk As Infant Formula?

 I am not a dietician, and I have no particular knowledge about what babies should generally eat. I am a regular consumer of Silk brand soy milk . I love to drink soy milk . But I am a full grown adult. The back of the Silk carton says that the products should not be used as an infant formula. They are very clear about that.  I'm not sure if they are writing that to avoid any potential legal troubles that might come of a situation where someone's baby is injured or dies and the parents believe it is because they fed their baby Silk soymilk. I'm not sure if they have that on there because they know for certain that babies do not do well when fed Silk soy milk. There could very well be a soy based product which is specifically designed as an infant formula, but Silk soy milk is not that product. I would not attempt to use a product for something it explicitly says not to use it for. In this case, that means not feeding Silk soy milk to your baby. Don't feed soy milk to ba

What Does Soy Milk Taste Like?

 I have only ever tried Silk brand soymilk. I don't know why, but I've never seen a different brand of soy milk offered in any grocery store I've ever shopped in. I would be highly interested in trying a different brand to see if there's a difference. So my experience with soy milk and its taste is entirely based on the Silk brand version. I think soy milk tastes like marshmallows. That might sound weird or not really tasty, but I mean it in a good way. Soy milk is somewhat sweet. Soy milk is super creamy. It is like a very smooth water/milk. I used to drink dairy milk, cow's milk, and I loved it completely. I never questioned whether I should try something else in its place. I did end up trying soy milk, just to see what it was like, and I was totally hooked right from the start. It is so much better than conventional milk. At first I just drank soy milk in addition to dairy milk, but I slowly phased out cow's milk and only used soy milk. Then after some time

Is There A Silk Soy Milk Shortage?

 I am writing this post as of May 2021. I drink soymilk regularly. I love the stuff! I grew up drinking dairy milk, and I drank plenty of it, but ever since I switched to Silk Soymilk I can't see myself ever going back to dairy. Dairy milk tastes sour to me now. Soy milk is delicious and sweet. I think it tastes a little bit like marshmallows. Soymilk was at one time a fringe, niche product that you could only find in specialty health food stores. That has changed in a big way. I'm not sure what exactly had people switching over to buying soymilk, but it was happening in large enough numbers that Silk soymilk started being stocked on the shelves of mainstream and big chain grocery stores. I've even seen it in convenience stores/gas stations. Buying soymilk was no burden at all. I could buy it at the same place and the same time as all of my other groceries. But recently I've been finding the Silk section empty in the dairy coolers. I usually shop at Target, but when th

What Album Is 'Head Like A Hole' On?

 Head Like A Hole is a song written and performed by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (often written as NIN). The song is on an album called "Pretty Hate Machine". Pretty Hate Machine was Nine Inch Nails' first studio album and it was released in 1989. I've written a couple other blog articles about the song Head Like A Hole. I wrote an article about the cover version Miley Cyrus sang in the show Black Mirror . I also wrote one about the best cover version of the song I've ever heard. It is in the style of americana country mixed with folk.

What NIN Song Did Miley Cyrus Cover?

 Miley Cyrus played a musician named Ashley O in an episode of the television series 'Black Mirror'. In that episode, Miley Cyrus plays a cover version of the song Head Like A Hole , a song which was originally written and performed by Nine Inch Nails (NIN). She sings a version which is unique to her, but which is largely the same song, but she also sings a highly altered version where many of the lyrics are changed, but the song keeps the same rhythm and melody. The song goes from being dark to being very upbeat and positive. The pop music version of the song is titled 'On A Roll'. I didn't much care for the really poppy, positive cover, but I really liked version that was more similar to the original. I thought that the effects she used on the vocals in that version sounded a bit like Rob Zombie's vocals. Here's the video for the cover that sounds like the original : And here's the video for the pop music version called 'On A Roll' : I wrote an

What Is The Best "Head Like A Hole" Cover?

 The song "Head Like A Hole" was written and originally performed by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (NIN). I love that song and his version is irreplaceable. But whenever a song gets really popular, lots of other musicians tend to want to try to cover the song and make a version of their own. They want to put their own creative spin on it. Head Like A Hole is one of those songs that lots of people have covered. Some artists who have covered the song are: Devo AFI Buckcherry Dee Snider Miley Cyrus as Ashley O. in Black Mirror I was scrolling through some random artists and playlists on Spotify when I came across a new cover version. And I believe it is the best cover version yet. At least it is the best one I've ever heard. The song is covered by Ryan Culwell and Aubrie Sellers . It is in the style of americana country or folk. It is a very different take on the song which was originally an industrial hard rock song, but it really works. Here is the video for the song

Does Lakeville Brewing Company Allow Dogs?

 Lakeville Brewing Company is a restaurant/brewery that allows dogs in their backyard area. Dogs are not allowed in the building, but they are welcome to be in the large fenced-in grassy yard behind the brewery. I love going to the Lakeville brewery, not only because I love their food and beers, but also because it is a place where I am welcome to bring my dog. The backyard at the brewery is a lot of fun in the summer and the better weather days in the spring and fall because you get to see so many dogs. If you bring a dog, you will not feel weird, as if you were the only person who has ever brought a dog to the brewery.  Related: Top 5 Best Beers at Lakeville Brewing Company Best Craft Breweries (That Serve Food) Near Lakeville, MN I don't think I've ever been in their backyard patio area when there wasn't at least one dog. Usually there are many. If you love dogs but don't actually have one of your own, this backyard space is a great place to get some time with friend