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Lakeville Is A Great Place To Live And Work!

Is Lakeville, MN A Good Place To Live? Lakeville, MN is a beautiful place to call home. It is a great place to raise a family. It is a safe and clean community. A lot of the housing is new or newer, but there is also plenty of older style housing, so no matter your preference or budget, you can find somewhere great to live. Lakeville has nearly everything you might need for daily life as a consumer: restaurants , retail , services, chains, mom-and-pops - almost everything. What they don't have themselves is only a short drive away in one of it's neighboring towns. Lakeville has a small town feel while providing proximity to the big city. Lakeville has some amazing parks and walking paths so you can get out and stay active close to home. Lakeville is often named one of the best places to live by large magazines and websites. Is Lakeville, MN A Good Place To Work? Despite all of these awesome features of living in Lakeville, it seems that of all of the towns in Dakota County (whi

I'm Available For Hire!

I am a young professional who has just graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Management in August 2020. I completed the degree with a 4.0 GPA. I am someone who loves to learn and grow. I have a very broad range of interests. I chose the management degree because the skills taught in the program can be useful to someone working in nearly any field, but I really want to work in marketing. I am receptive to working in general business and management, but would prefer to couple that with marketing aspects of a business. I am more interested in digital marketing and content marketing than in traditional offline marketing. I have spent most of my free time over the years researching and practicing Search Engine Optimization through blogging. I believe that blogging is the best way to get useful information out into the world which can help attract customers to your business and help them decide to work with you or buy from you. I have learned most of my SEO skills through self-d

Angry Inch Brewing Review

Angry Inch Brewing is a microbrewery located on Holyoke Avenue in Lakeville, Minnesota . They are just across the parking lot from Lakeville Brewing Company. I have already written a review of Lakeville Brewing Company on this blog, and now I want to review their brewery neighbor. I hope to write about my experiences at lots of breweries on this blog over time! Related:  Best Craft Breweries (That Serve Food) Near Lakeville, MN Fulton's Lonely Blonde Review The Taproom Angry Inch has a smaller taproom than lots of other breweries, but it is very inviting and pleasant. Their website describes it as an "Industrial Meets Rustic Vibe", which pretty accurately sums it up. The taproom is well lit, but with dimmer and warmer light. They have edison bulb chandeliers made of wagon wheels and beer growlers. The wood is dark and so is the metal. The room has a dark feel to it. They have a bar that you can sit at and they have regular table-and-chair seating. In the corner of the t

How Did Marty Byrde Launder Money In Ozark?

Ozark is a Netflix original series that follows the story of the Byrde family (Marty, Wendy, and two kids, Charlotte, and Jonah) as they launder money for the Navarro Drug Cartel, the second largest Mexican drug cartel. Marty begins laundering money for the cartel while working at his financial services firm in Chicago, keeping it a secret from his family. Doubt and suspicion on behalf of the cartel's representatives and enforcers (Del) leads to Marty's business partner, Bruce, being killed and Marty only being able to save his own life by promising to move to Osage Beach, Missouri on the Lake of the Ozarks and launder even more money for the cartel. Marty claims he will be able to launder more money because the Ozarks is a tourist destination and vacation spot for families that is filled with cash based businesses. The summer influx of tourists will mean that it is normal for small cash based businesses to make lots of untraceable money in a short period of time. This general

Guest Post On This Blog!

When you search the internet for strategies to grow your blog readership and traffic, one of the often shared tips is to increase the size of you backlink profile by attracting links. You can do this by creating really excellent content that people will naturally want to link to in their own content, whether that be to point their readers to useful content or to be a relevant citation to back up their own statements and beliefs within their content. It is also often recommended that you be proactive in building backlinks through outreach. You can reach out to influencers and bloggers that might be interested in content you have already created and let them know your content exists. You can also politely ask that they link to it or share it with their audience. This outreach method does work, but has a low rate of success. You are asking people to give you a link, but offering little in return. You might send an email to 100 influencers and only get a link from less than 10. That is a p

Best Liquor Store In Apple Valley, MN

Where is the best place to buy liquor, beer, wine, and mead? In many areas there can be so many that it can be hard to figure out. In lots of places, alcohol is sold in all retail stores. You could stop at a Walmart, Target, or gas station and find alcohol. When it is so ubiquitous, is it worth trying to figure out where the best liquor store is? If you are asking where the best liquor store is and you are living in Apple Valley, Lakeville, Farmington, Burnsville, or Eagan, Minnesota, then there are only so many options, because some of this region restricts the sale of alcohol to municipal liquor stores. Unless you want to purchase very low ABV % beer, or Near Beer as it is sometimes called, which can be sold in stores like Target or Walmart, then you have only a few options. I want to give my opinion as to how good or bad each store is. I think the big options are Lakeville Liquors , Apple Valley Liquors , Total Wine & More , and Perrier Wines and Liquors . Related: Best Craft Br

Lakeville Brewing Company Review

Lakeville Brewing Company is a brewpub (meaning it is both a brewery and a restaurant) that is located in downtown Lakeville, MN .  Minnesota has a very active craft brewing scene, so almost anywhere you go, you are close to a brewery. I love that about Minnesota , but I am honestly glad to be so close to Lakeville Brewing Company in particular.  It is a wonderful business! I often mistakenly refer to it as Lakeville Brewery. Oops! It is not the only brewery in Lakeville. It is actually located across the parking lot from another small craft brewery called Angry Inch Brewing . These two breweries actually complement each other very well.  While you might expect two next door breweries to be vicious competitors, I almost always visit both whenever I make my way down to downtown Lakeville.  They enjoy a special symbiosis.  Lakeville Brewing Company sometimes has a bit of a wait for a table if you do not have a reservation. Pre- COVID-19, they used to give you a short range buzzer that w