I have been hooked on the concept of blogging from the very first time I heard about it.

Writing whatever you want and then getting to publish it online for the whole world to read is so exciting. Building a blog can be a really fulfilling and satisfying hobby.

Another reason to love blogging is the possibility of turning it into a business and a full time income. Lots of people start writing blogs in their free time when they are away from their day job and gradually grow it to the point where it is attracting tens of thousands of visitors per month.

Once they have traffic at that level, they can start to monetize it through ads, affiliate marketing, or creating their own products.

I think blogging can be one of the most enjoyable and easy to start businesses available to people. And who wouldn't love to get to the point where they can write whatever they feel like writing from anywhere they want to be and get paid for it?

I'm not at that point yet, but it would be the dream!

This category page will help you find all of my blog posts on the topic of blogging. I hope you find something here that's helpful and interesting!

Articles Loosely Related To Blogging

All of the articles listed above are pretty strictly on the topic of blogging. Combing through the article archives of my site, I also found some posts that might be interesting to someone looking to read about blogging, though they aren't necessarily about blogging. I'll list those below for you to decide.


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