Business and the Economy

 Lots of people think of economics as being very boring. They imagine accounting formulas, tax laws, and spreadsheets of data.

That stuff is not unrelated, but economics can be much more interesting when you understand what it really is. Economics is like the rulebook to the game we are all playing in society.

We all need things and tend to buy those things with money. We get money, usually, by going to work and selling our labor to an employer. The more money we can make, the more of our wants and needs we are able to fulfill.

If we accumulate enough wealth, then we can have total freedom over ourselves, our choices, and our time. We can choose what to do, where to go, and when to be somewhere, because we no longer need to submit to an employment relationship where other people get to command us in exchange for wages.

Understanding how business work and how the broader economy works gives you a better chance at achieving your economic goals. By understanding the "rules" of the "game", you can choose the most effective strategies to obtaining the level of income you need to make your dreams into reality.

For some people, their dreams are very large and will require huge financial resources. Other people will be content with their lives if they can simply relax and enjoy leisure time with loved ones - which would, of course, require far fewer resources to accomplish and should be easier to achieve.

Knowing that learning about economics can help you achieve what you want out of life makes it far more interesting and compelling.

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