Why Dave’s Killer Bread is my Favorite Bread

When I was growing up my family only ate white bread. The cheapest kind of white bread we could find. 

I didn’t feel shorted or disappointed in this choice of bread, partly because it was all I’d ever known bread to be, and also because white bread is genuinely pretty tasty. The white bread toasts well and is great for making sandwiches. I loved my bread and I had no motivation to seek or try other types of bread.

When I started living with my wife, she taught me that white bread is not very healthy and that the bakers who make it remove basically all beneficial parts of the underlying grain when they make it. She insisted that we buy and eat only healthy bread. That would be some kind of multigrain bread. 

Most bread is made from wheat, which is ground to make the flour which is combined with other ingredients to make dough. The wheat naturally has a very starchy part and a fibrous part, and with white bread the fibrous part is filtered out, leaving only the starchy part to be ground up into flour. 

Multigrain breads leave the fiber-rich part of the wheat in when they grind it to make whole grain flour. Not only is the resulting flour better for you because it contains additional nutrients, but the fiber is helpful for your body’s digestion. So whole wheat bread is a little bit better for you than bleached white bread. 

To make a loaf of bread even healthier, bakers will add additional grains and seeds to the mix to increase the nutrients and fiber that the resulting bread will confer. Generally, the more grains and seeds, the better the bread for your health.

With this understanding and these criteria for choosing a bread, we started experimenting. Each time we went grocery shopping we would try a different bread. A brand that we’d never tried before. There are lots of brands of healthy multigrain bread, especially if you shop in health food stores. 

We really liked the taste and texture of Country Hearth’s Multigrain bread, so we bought that one quite a few times. 

But then I found Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave's Killer Bread Logo

The product is awesome. The brand is awesome. The cause is awesome. And it’s been our primary bread choice ever since.

All the bread varieties dave's killer bread offers

Dave’s Killer Bread offers several different bread and bagel varieties, but my favorites are the 21 Whole Grains and Seeds and the Good Seed. That is a ton of grains and seeds to be included in a single loaf! And each type of bread comes in the original size and in thin-sliced. I have bought both, but at times I go for the thin-sliced loaves because each slice has fewer calories and is therefore good for a calorie-conscious diet. 

Basically, the only reason I buy anything other than Dave’s Killer Bread is because the product is sold out for the day and I’m forced to choose something else.

I love Dave’s Killer Bread for another reason, too! The company has a social purpose and serves a mission to benefit the community. 

Dave is a real guy who started the company. He was in prison for 15 years. He was a felon. And when he finished serving his time in prison, he started this healthy bread company with the goal of helping to provide employment to other ex-convicts who needed jobs. This is known as the “Second Chance” policy. 

Ex-convicts have a very difficult time finding jobs. On most job applications there is a question asking if the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime. Even though it is not legal to base hiring decisions off of criminal records (other than in certain relevant situations), no reason needs to be given to applicants for why they aren’t called back for an interview, so they are simply excluded from the pile of applicants. In effect, the admission of a criminal record prevents ex-cons from getting jobs. 

Without a job to earn an income which is used to pay for all the normal living expenses of a person and possibly a family, the ex-con is forced to earn money through other means. If jobs won’t hire them, but they still need money, they may choose to return to a life of crime to earn the money necessary to survive. Most likely they will be caught committing these crimes and will eventually end up back in prison. 

It is a nasty cycle that occurs because good people who are willing to do the right thing are denied any reasonable chance at an opportunity to earn a living. The ex-convicts are almost condemned to a life of either poverty or recidivism. 

Dave’s Killer Bread seeks to hire ex-cons and give them a second chance. They allow them a place to work to earn a living in a legal and dignified way. That is an excellent mission and cause! And the company has also started a foundation whose goal is to spread the “Second Chance” ideology to other organizations. Hopefully this concept will become commonplace and people will get an opportunity to do better after they’ve served their prison time.

I fully support the mission Dave’s Killer Bread stands for. I am all about healthy bread and about offering second chances. That is why I choose Dave’s Killer Bread, why it is my favorite bread.

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