3 Undiscovered Travel Blogs You Need To Know About

 I love finding and binge reading all the content on smaller blogs. Blogs run by solo bloggers, families, or blogger partners. It can be hard to find these great bloggers because they sometimes don't rank very well in search engines. I have found a tool which has helped me to discover these hidden gems of the blogging world, a search engine called Million Short. Million Short eliminates the most popular websites from the results so you just find the hard-to-find results.

I have wished there were directories of these smaller blogs that were sorted by niche topic, but I have had little luck in finding such directories. This post is intended to be a mini-directory which can point you to some awesome bloggers and their sites. They get too little attention for the great content they produce, and hopefully this article can change that!

Travel Blogs

The theme of this mini directory is Travel. Travel blogs are all the rage these days, and it seems like there are millions of people documenting their travels through Instagram or blogs. That might be true, but the travel stories and photography they offer are very entertaining and goal-inducing.

Looking through these travel blogs can get your creative travel juices flowing and inspire some future travel of your own!


Gadsventure is a blog following the adventures of the Gadsby family. They are a family of six, Kris, Brian, and 4 children. They decided as a family to be perpetual travelers. They wanted to have the opportunity to spend lots of quality time together and to provide their children with a worldly education.

The Gadsby family is from Australia and has spent a lot of their travel time in Australia and Southeast Asia. The style of travel they get to experience is definitely something I hope to do some day.

The Gadsventure blog has over 270 posts and they are still creating content.

They covered a Big Life Journal that they thought was really helpful in planning the future and in creating goals which would be effective in keeping them productive and happy.

I have always wanted to travel to Bali, and they have been there and covered that. They have a post that covers the best places to travel to in Bali.

Traveling with as a family with children can be tough because you have to find a way to provide an education for your children. You could limit your travel so that you can live in a single place for long enough that they could attend a regular school. The other option is to homeschool. They have chosen to homeschool, and they have a post which talks about the resources they have found helpful in teaching their kids on the road.

The Gadsventure blog has a huge amount of great content to look through and I hope you hop over to their site and check them out!

Ummi Goes Where?

Ummi Goes Where? is a blog written by a Malaysian Solo Traveler named Ummi (oo-mee). She is 30 years old and has now traveled to 49 countries on 4 continents!

She's been to places like Vietnam where she tried mud-bathing, Kenya where she visited a coffee farm (and roasted her own coffee), and India where she tried staying on a house boat.

Ummi has around 100 blog posts which are full of her very useful reviews and beautiful video and photography of the places she's been.

She has even written an article that includes 10 ways to entertain yourself during the Coronavirus pandemic while traveling might be extra difficult. She mentions starting a blog and planning future travels. I really like those two suggestions!

Ummi has created a massive bucket list of over 600 things she wants to accomplish during her lifetime. That list has a lot of stuff on it that I would like to do for myself. It could serve as inspiration for my own bucket list!

Ummi runs a great travel blog and you should stop over there to find out the answer to the question: Ummi Goes Where?

Travel Caffeine

Sarah and Tom Bricker run the travel blog Travel Caffeine. The couple traveled to the Disney World parks and over time worked their way through the United States National Parks and have grown to love travel so much that they have devoted more time to it and to creating a blog to share their travel experiences through. They find that they are able to travel as much as they do because of their remote work arrangements.

They have a very detailed review of a California fast-food staple brand, In-N-Out Burger. The review is huge and is filled with awesome photography taken with DSLR equipment. Really professional coverage for a fast food joint. When I traveled to California, one of the things I most wanted to do was make it to a Jack in the Box and an In-N-Out Burger. This review and the photos really take me back.

The Travel Caffeine site has a little over 500 posts, almost all of them filled with original, high-quality photography. With such great photos, you can either decide for yourself that you would like to travel somewhere they cover or just daydream and imagine that you are there.

One of my favorite posts on the site is about their trip to the Grand Cayman Islands. It is partially due to the excellent writing and perspective offered, but also because of the photos. Sorry to keep mentioning the same feature over and over, but the photos Tom takes and includes in his articles are next level. They are really something to see.

I fully recommend you follow one of these links over to Travel Caffeine and explore the world through their travel blog.


These three travel blogs are super high quality and are unfortunately not seen by enough people. This little directory will hopefully get them a few more viewers and some additional and well-deserved recognition. I hope to do this sort of blogger round up post fairly often. I want to cover other niches and also cover each several times. There are certainly more than three travel bloggers that deserve a shout out!

What is your favorite part of any of these websites? Do you know of another awesome travel blogger? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hey, Wayne! Thank you so much for featuring my blog on this blog roundup. I've never heard of Million Short before. Sounds like a great tool for discovering new blogs. And I'm glad it exists because you discovered mine. 🙂 I'll be working harder this year to make my blog more visible on search engines.

    Wishing you all the best for 2021.

  2. I really appreciate your post, and you explain each and every point very well. Thanks for sharing such information. I Don't Like to Travel


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