Best Chinese Food in Apple Valley, MN

 I love Chinese food! It is so delicious, and the style of cuisine offers so many different dishes to try. If you are looking to find the best Chinese food restaurant in the Lakeville, Apple Valley, Eagan, and Burnsville area, then I have a recommendation for you.

Simplee Pho

My favorite Asian food is from a restaurant called Simplee Pho. Simplee Pho is a Vietnamese restaurant which also serves Chinese food. As their name suggests, they sell Pho, the Vietnamese soup. I have never actually tried their Pho.

They sell Banh Mi sandwiches also. Banh Mis are like Vietnamese sub sandwiches. I have had a Banh Mi before, though not from this restaurant, and it was really good! I'd really like to try them from Simplee Pho sometime.

Chinese Food

In addition to their core menu of Vietnamese food, Simplee Pho serves Chinese food. In my opinion it is the best Chinese food in Apple Valley. I often feel sick after eating Chinese food, but I have only ever felt good after eating food from Simplee Pho.

I tend to order dishes that include chicken, and at so many other Chinese food restaurants it seems like they include the gristly pieces of the chicken in the food. It is like they are trying to get as much food off of each piece of chicken as they can, but they take it too far and include the inedible parts. I usually get partway through a delicious meal and then end up biting into a tough, unpleasant bite of gristle, which makes me completely lose my appetite. For as delicious as Chinese food is, the poor quality meats and the inexplicable sick feeling I get afterwards always seem to ruin my meals.

I have not encountered any of those things at Simplee Pho. They always use meat that tastes great and never has any gristle. And I always feel good after eating food from there.

The dish I usually order is the Garlic Chicken with Broccoli. They also have a meal deal where you pay an extra 10 cents and you get a pork egg roll. That is like the best deal at any restaurant ever! And their pork egg rolls are amazing!

I've also gotten their Lo Mein several times, and have been impressed each time.

Where Is Simplee Pho Located?

Simplee Pho is located on Galaxie Avenue in Apple Valley, MN. They are near the Culver's and in the same building as Dunn Bros coffee and $5 Pizza.

Second Best Asian Food Restaurant?

If I were unable to order food from Simplee Pho for some reason, my next best option would be Joy's Thai Cuisine. They don't sell Chinese food, but their Thai food is just as good! I would say the same good things about Joy's Thai as I have about Simplee Pho. Their food is high quality. I have never gotten any unpleasant pieces in my food. And I always feel good after eating food from there.

I like their Garlic Chicken, but their classic Pad Thai is also great.

Joy's Thai Cuisine is located not far from Simplee Pho. Joy's is in Lakeville on 160th St. in the same shopping complex as Carbone's and Walgreens.

Either of these restaurants would be most convenient for people in Apple Valley or Lakeville because of their locations, but I think they would be within a reasonable distance for people in Farmington, Rosemount, Eagan, and Burnsville. And I believe they both deliver, so look into that option as well!

What is your favorite Chinese food or Asian food restaurant in the Apple Valley area? Please share in the comments!

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