I Am Going To Become A Recommendation Engine

What do I have planned for this blog? What do I want the content I write to do for my readers?

Many people who give advice in the blogging niche talk about needing to write informational content which answers the questions your readers have. The strategy behind this advice makes a lot of sense. You want to have your content show up in the Google results when people are performing searches so that they will click on your site and read your stuff.

By writing informational and factual content, Google is much more likely to find something worthy of answering a search query and serve it up to searchers.

A blogger, or anyone who writes content for a website, should spend some of their focus and writing efforts on this type of educational content.

I think that I would like to spend some of my writing effort on another type of content as well.

I think that I could provide a lot of value to the world and to my readers by sharing my opinions on things I have tried so that they can benefit from my review and hopefully influence their decisions for the better. I want to tell people about the products I have tried, the books I have read, the television shows I have watched, the cities I have been to, and generally anything else that I have experienced that I can share with others.

I think that when people are about to do almost anything, they will perform a Google search to do a little research on that thing. They want to know what to expect and what to prepare for. They might want to know if it is even worth doing at all.

I hope that by sharing my experience, people will be better prepared to make their own choices about that thing.

I also want to serve as a content curator. I want to share with my readers about the things I have already found so that they might choose to explore them as well. I would be acting as a sort of discovery engine, a suggestion resource, a recommendation writer.

The world is so completely full of an infinite number and variety of things that it is absolutely impossible to find everything, and very difficult to even find all of the sorts of things you like. I hope that I can share my experience to save my readers the time of needing to sift through everything themselves.

I want to recommend those things that I have tried and which I want others to know about. I will treat my reviews and recommendations just like I were sharing them with a friend.

I have been thinking about this idea of sharing my experiences with things, and I have come up with a few themes that I want to become regularly recurring segments. While some of my recommendations will take the form of a focused review article where the entirety of the content is focused on one subject, some things just are not big enough to require a whole blog post to themselves. There are some things where I don't have enough opinions or feedback to even write 500 words. For those types of topics, I will combine them into a themed list post. I might share something like "The Top 5" of a given category.

I want to share music that I've been listening to. I want to share about books and articles that I've read. I want to share about podcasts. I want to share about movies and TV. I want to share about grocery store purchases. I want to share about ice cream I like. I want to share about consumer products I've used. I want to share about basically anything that I've experienced.

This type of content that I think I am going to focus on goes somewhat against the advice of big name bloggers that I should write informational content mainly, but I think that I might be able to offer more value with my recommendations and curation.

I think that such content will become a staple of this blog and be something I really enjoy writing.

If you have any feedback about my plans or about the idea of bloggers acting as filters for the massive amount of "stuff" available in this world, let me know about it in the comments!

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