All Dressed Up

Abstract Digital Paining Using Lots of Shades of Blue

Big date tonight. Super fine lady. Gotta look good. Put on cologne. Throw on suit. Slick hair back. Take a selfie. All Dressed Up!

Shine the shoes. Check the mirror. Try my smile. I look good. Straighten my tie. Smell my breath. It smells great. Find the time. Right on time. Grab my keys. Open the door. Close the door. All Dressed Up!

Walk to car. Get in car. Turn the key. Start the engine. Shift to reverse. Rev it up. Drive the streets. Find her house. Honk the horn. Walk to door. Ring doorbell twice. She opens door. She looks beautiful. All Dressed Up!

Hug her body. Kiss her lips. Two person selfie. All Dressed Up!

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