Busy Shapes In Space

Colorful Ovals and Rectangles, Abstract Art

They talk about the dimensions of string theory and theoretical physics, and it's all great for all those 3 dimensional creatures who don't actually have to live in the higher dimensions.  As a higher dimensional being, let me tell you, it is no walk in the park.  It gets crazy busy up here.  It's like the worst traffic you've ever seen, probably comparable to that which you might see in India or New York City, but not just on one plane in a grid pattern.  This is traffic that doesn't stop at red lights, and travels in an infinite number of planes.  Damn it's hard to get around.

Also, it's very bright.  Some idiots stare at Earth's sun and think that is bright.  Sure it's bright enough to blind you permanently, to burn your retinas, but you've not been to any dimensions higher than your own.  It's like easily 20 times brighter than that and it comes from everywhere, not just one fixed source, so you can't even turn away from it.  The only way to deal with it is super protective eye wear.  They are like huge steam punk goggles.

Sorry for my venting, but it just gets on my nerves sometimes when I hear you Three-Dimensional Beings complaining as if you've got it so bad.  Now maybe you can have some greater sympathy for us.  And maybe this perspective I've provided will help you to be more grateful for your situation.


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