Angry Inch Brewing Review

Angry Inch Brewing is a microbrewery located on Holyoke Avenue in Lakeville, Minnesota. They are just across the parking lot from Lakeville Brewing Company.

I have already written a review of Lakeville Brewing Company on this blog, and now I want to review their brewery neighbor. I hope to write about my experiences at lots of breweries on this blog over time!


The Taproom

Angry Inch has a smaller taproom than lots of other breweries, but it is very inviting and pleasant. Their website describes it as an "Industrial Meets Rustic Vibe", which pretty accurately sums it up.

The taproom is well lit, but with dimmer and warmer light. They have edison bulb chandeliers made of wagon wheels and beer growlers. The wood is dark and so is the metal. The room has a dark feel to it.

They have a bar that you can sit at and they have regular table-and-chair seating. In the corner of the taproom, they also have a couple leather arm chairs and a coffee table for a little different seating.

On the wall behind the leather chairs is a large poster that shows the location and name of tons of breweries in the United States. There are so many that you can't take it all in at once, but I have fun looking at it almost every time I go in.

They also have some custom book shelves with some interesting reads on them (including lots about beer). They also have a cabinet for board games and cards.

There is a popcorn machine that is usually full and offers free popcorn for the taproom guests.

The beer tap list is available in two places. They keep their list updated in chalk on several slats of blackboard, but they also have their menu on a large flat screen TV behind the bar.

The Patio

Not only do they have a great and inviting indoor taproom, but they have a fenced in outdoor patio as well!

There are several tables with chairs in the patio area, so there is plenty of outdoor seating at Angry Inch. They have the space decorated with planters filled with flowers. There is a swinging gate in the fencing so that you can enter and leave through the patio. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Angry Inch has even expanded their outdoor space with additional tables and chairs and more area roped off for guests to use.

This patio space is dog friendly. I love bringing my dog to this brewery and usually there is at least one other dog, so the dogs get to greet each other. The staff usually have a water dish outside and ready to go for dogs, and when it is not already out, they will quickly get it ready for patrons with dogs. Many times the staff have even brought treats out for my dog. Needless to say, Angry Inch is my dog's favorite brewery!

Angry Inch has instituted COVID safety procedures that make it extra safe to be there. Tables have QR codes taped to them that show the beer menu by scanning it with your phone. You can go inside to place your beer order, but staff will also come right to your table to take your order, process your payment, and bring you your drink. When you are finished, there are plastic bussing tubs near the door where you can put your empty glassware. When you leave, the staff clean and sanitize the table, and the space is ready for the next patron. They are also diligent in collecting information for contact tracing. They are taking the COVID precautions very seriously, and I feel safe going there.

Neighbor Breweries

Because Lakeville Brewing Company and Angry Inch are so close to each other, I usually visit both when I go to either of them. The two breweries work especially well together because Lakeville Brewery is a restaurant, but often they have a bit of a wait time to get a table, so you can go put your name in for a reservation, then head over to Angry Inch to get a drink while you wait for your table.


Angry Inch sells bar snacks, including Von Hanson's seasoned pretzels, and has free popcorn, but they do not sell food. They have menus and recommendations for restaurants in the area that will deliver to the brewery and you are welcome to have food delivered and eat it in the taproom.

They also have food trucks park just outside the patio area sometimes. I have gotten a pizza from the Brick Oven Bus a few times, and it was very fast and delicious! 

Angry Inch hosts regular events each weeks, such as trivia and bingo, which are a lot of fun.

The Beer

The beer selection at Angry Inch is different from what you find at many other breweries. Lots of breweries make lots of IPAs and APAs and really focus on hoppy flavors. Angry Inch makes beer that usually focuses more on the malt flavor. They describe their beer as being Belgian inspired.

Their menu has some options that are consistently available, but they also do lots of experimental temporary runs, which is great because there is always something new to try.

I really like their Creamalicious cream ale. My favorite cream ale ever is the Castle Danger cream ale. I so like Castle Danger's cream ale that I thought I liked all cream ales, and so I tend to try them wherever I can. It turns out I only like some cream ales. Lots of cream ales have a very strong vanilla flavor that I do not care for. Angry Inch's version is exactly how I like it, without a strong vanilla flavor.

Cerveza Del Lago is a Mexican beer that tastes a lot like Corona. I love this beer. It is a simple and refreshing flavor. Ideal drink for a hot day.

They do have a couple IPAs at the moment - Never Ending and Four Horsemen. I really like both of these drinks and was glad to see the hoppier side of beer represented on their taplist.

They have more options than just these, but the ones I have mentioned here are my favorites and the ones I would very highly recommend to you.

Angry Inch is a treasure for Lakeville and I am very grateful to be so close to such an excellent brewery! I have enjoyed every one of my visits there and I hope you go there and try them out!

Have you been to Angry Inch Brewing? What did you think? What is your favorite beer there? Let me and other readers know by sharing in the comments!

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