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When you search the internet for strategies to grow your blog readership and traffic, one of the often shared tips is to increase the size of you backlink profile by attracting links. You can do this by creating really excellent content that people will naturally want to link to in their own content, whether that be to point their readers to useful content or to be a relevant citation to back up their own statements and beliefs within their content.

It is also often recommended that you be proactive in building backlinks through outreach. You can reach out to influencers and bloggers that might be interested in content you have already created and let them know your content exists. You can also politely ask that they link to it or share it with their audience.

This outreach method does work, but has a low rate of success. You are asking people to give you a link, but offering little in return. You might send an email to 100 influencers and only get a link from less than 10. That is a pretty low return on your outreach efforts.

A better way to proactively build backlinks is to look for guest posting opportunities on other people's blogs. Bloggers are always interested in adding more content to their site to cover more topics and rank for more keywords. If they could snap their fingers and have thousands of articles written for their site instantly, they would do that. Unfortunately, writing content takes a lot of time and effort and is a slow buildup process. They could hire writers to produce the content, but hiring freelance writers who do good work can be expensive.

A fantastic way to give both parties something they want is to offer to guest post. You write an article that you give to the influencer to post on their blog in exchange for letting you place some links back to your site and internal pages. The influencer gets quality content for free, and you get a backlink that hopefully expands your backlink profile, increases your linking root domains, and sends your blog some link juice.

Guest posting is a hugely popular marketing strategy to improve your site's ranking and traffic.

There are tons of sites that offer the opportunity to guest blog on their site, but it can be tricky to find them and even trickier to find the relevant sites that operate in your niche and write about the same topics you write about.

I would like to extend an open offer: I will accept guest posts. You can guest blog for this site. You can become a guest contributor for this blog. Write for us. Write for this site. I am accepting guest posts. You can submit guest posts to this blog.

Sorry for the multiple phrasings, but often people find places to guest post by searching Google for exact match strings such as "Write for us", "Guest post opportunities", and "guest post submission guidelines". I want to include some of these phrases so that I can show up in results for people looking for sites like mine.

You might want to only propose to write a guest blog post for sites that operate within your niche. I would like to help you determine if this site is relevant enough to your niche.

I consider myself to be a lifestyle blogger. While there may be some variety in the way that term is defined by different people, I use it to mean that I blog about whatever I want to blog about. I blog about whatever interests me. I have chosen not to create a niche site that only focuses on one topic. I want to be deeply interested in the content I create, so I don't make myself write for popular keywords, but instead on what I am inspired to write about.

This means a lot of flexibility in my content and the content I am willing to accept as guest posts. I have created content about:

Some of these topics have been covered more than others, and some are more plans for the future than current content. I would be happy to have proposals or pitches made on any subject, but these are the ones I have particular focus on.

Feel free to offer posts on any topic. Travel, personal finance, health and fitness, cryptocurrency, news, politics, science, philosophy, whatever. You name it.

I will, of course, reserve the right to decline any offer I do not think will add value or match this site, but I will try my best to offer feedback that might alter the proposed topic to better fit this site.

I want to accept guest posts from sites that have at least some content already produced on their site. It does not have to be dozens of articles, but more than a few. I also want to see quality content on the site that gets linked to in the guest post. I do not want to link out to spam sites.

I am very open and flexible in this. I will allow you any reasonable links within the content and in the author bio. I will not limit the number of links you can use so long as it is useful and reasonable.

I am excited to extend this formal opportunity and to see what comes from it. I am waiting to hear from you and to work with you! Please feel free to reach out to me about your guest post.

The best way to contact me would be either to comment on this blog or to DM / Private message me on Twitter. My twitter handle is @WayneWWalls. You can go to my contact page to find my email address and send me your proposal in an email, but I do not check that email address very often. You could always send me an email, then comment here or Twitter message me simply saying that you sent an email.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you!


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