Best Anti-Capitalist Podcasts

 When it comes to political ideologies, there are rarely any perfectly clear-cut definitions of anything. Any particular term is likely to mean different things to different people.

So some might call it Socialist, some might call it Marxist. Maybe it's Leftist. Or Anti-Capitalist.

Whatever it is called, I listen to some educational podcasts that discuss issues related to these philosophies. I really enjoy these podcasts, so I wanted to recommend them to you so that you can try them and hopefully like them.

Economic Update

First up is my favorite of this category: Economic Update.

Economic Update is hosted by Professor Richard D. Wolff. Richard Wolff is an economist that views things from a Marxist perspective.

The Economic Update show is a radio show that is broadcast and syndicated on several radio stations. It is recorded as a podcast so that you can listen at any time from the internet. They also record video of Prof Wolff doing the show, so it is also a video you can watch.

Each episode has 2 parts. In the first half of the show, Richard Wolff will discuss important current events and describe them using a Marxist analysis. Often the major sources of news will provide the daily stories from a capitalist perspective. There is inherent bias in even what appears to be a neutral telling of a factual news story.

You might not have ever realized how skewed the news can be until you listen to the same story explained using a different perspective. That is what Prof Wolff does. The stories he covers are often about economics or politics. Many times the stories he covers are not widely covered in the mainstream news. Sometimes, though, he talks about the same stuff everyone else is talking about.

He talks a lot about workers rights, labor unions, worker ownership of businesses, and democracy in the workplace.

The second half of his show is often devoted to an interview with someone doing something interesting or important in the labor movement. Sometimes the second half of the episode is just a continuation of a story he was discussing the first half.

He is a very interesting and knowledgeable speaker, and I think you would get a lot of value out of listening to this podcast, or watching any of his lectures or presentations.

It Could Happen Here

It Could Happen Here is not strictly an anti-capitalist podcast. It does, though, talk a lot about the failures of capitalism and alternative economic arrangements.

The show is hosted by Robert Evans who has spent a large portion of his career traveling through warzones and countries with autocratic leadership.

In season one of the podcast, Robert Evans narrates a fictional but realistic story of a person existing in current-day America, but during a civil war.

You really feel like you are going through the day-to-day experiences of someone living in a warzone. He talks about things like armed militias in the streets setting up roadblocks and checkpoints. He talks about shortages and rations in the grocery stores. He talks about violence, shootings, and bombings that take place in what used to be stable neighborhoods.

He talks about trying to get by with the resources you have when trade and supply chains stop working. He talks about working with other members of the community to try to provide everyone what they need to survive.

It is very realistic and interesting. It sounds shockingly possible.

Season two is about how climate change and its consequences (like natural disasters) will lead to a crumbling society and what might come afterwards.

The first several episodes of season two are much like season one in that they are story scripts he reads that put you in the shoes of someone going through the scenarios he describes.

After the first few episodes, the show changes to be interviews with experts on things like climate change and social breakdown. Some of the episodes aren't interviews with guests, but just conversations between the hosts of the show.

In my opinion, the best parts are the scripts Robert Evans reads. The interviews and conversations are sometimes pretty interesting, but they just aren't as compelling as the hyper-realistic stories.

I would classify this podcast as anti-capitalist because of how he describes the ways people in a community work together to provide for each other after society breaks down. That sort of cooperative effort is in direct opposition to the spirit of capitalism.

Jacobin Radio

There is a fairly popular socialist magazine called Jacobin. I have never read the magazine, but I've heard of it, and it sounds like an interesting publication.

The same organization also puts out a podcast with the same sort of stories and perspectives as the magazine has.

To be honest, as much as I have listened to and enjoyed this podcast, I haven't listened to very much of it yet. I only recently discovered it.

Some of the episodes are interviews with guests. Some of them are discussions of a news story between the podcast hosts.

They have a series called Primer which is all about Amazon and their business practices.

The show has over 1000 episodes, so there is plenty to listen to.

Those 3 are the whole list. I'm sure there are plenty more out there, but these are the 3 I've found and enjoyed. 

I think they are very interesting, and even if you don't fully agree with everything said on them, I think it can be useful to hear things from other perspectives and things which challenge your own beliefs and assumptions. Listening to a bit of something like these podcasts will only positively influence your life.

Have you listened to any of these podcasts? What do you think about them? Are there any other great podcasts that should make this list? Let me know in the comments!

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