Top 5 Best Beers at Lakeville Brewing Company

Lakeville Brewing Company is a both a craft brewery and a restaurant located in downtown Lakeville, Minnesota. They are located right across the parking lot from Angry Inch Brewing. They offer many beers on tap that were brewed right there on-site.

Their beer menu has many staples that never change, and there are usually a couple new experimental batches available on rotation.

Lakeville Brewing Company has a sister brewery in Inver Grove Heights, MN called Inver Grover Brewing Company, and sometimes they will have beers available in Lakeville that were brewed in Inver Grove's facilities.

You can view their current beer selection on the Untappd page for the brewery

If you are already at the brewery, either in their taproom or their backyard patio area (which is dog-friendly), you can check out what is available on tap on their beer list chalkboards.

Lakeville Brewery is one of my favorite area craft breweries and I have been there enough to have tried all of their beers. They are all very good, and I would honestly recommend any of them.

The list below is my ranking of the Top 5 best beers at Lakeville Brewing Company.

1. Knee High Cream Ale

This is the second best Cream Ale I've ever had. My favorite is Castle Danger's Cream Ale, but Knee High comes very close. This is my favorite beer at Lakeville Brewery. 

It is one of the beers that they always have available, and I usually order it. If I plan to have more than one beer on a visit to the brewery, I tend to start with this one.

2. Hashtag American IPA

Hashtag IPA is just a really good standard IPA. It is hoppy, but not overly hoppy. Easy to drink and refreshing.

Unless you are completely against IPAs or beers with a bitter hop flavor, just about anyone would like this IPA.

I order this one almost every time I go to the brewery.

3. 210 American Light Lager

210 American Light Lager is Lakeville Brewing's version of light beer. While it is similar enough to the big mega-beer brands that you can tell they are meant to be the same style, 210 is significantly better than Coors, Miller, Budweiser, or any of the standard light beers.

If you aren't all that into craft beers because they are too flavorful, this would be the one you would want to order.

I tend to order this as the last beer I have on a visit to Lakeville Brewery. Or the first and subsequent when I'm in their backyard area on a really hot day. It is ultra refreshing.

I believe the 210 name is based on the VFW Post 210 that was in the building before it changed owners and became Lakeville Brewing Company.

4. Fun Juice! Hazy IPA

This one is my wife's favorite. It is a hazy IPA, meaning it has a creamy citrus character to it. It is also hoppy enough to be an IPA.

While this one is very good, I only order this one occasionally, because I really like the 3 that ranked above this one.

5. Buzzin' Imperial IPA

Last on my Top 5 list is Buzzin' IPA. This is a relatively new beer. I don't think I remember seeing it on the menu in 2020.

It is similar to the Hashtag IPA, but with more hoppiness.

I remember ordering this one for the first time because they were out of Hashtag and the bartender recommended this as a close substitute. I'm glad I got that recommendation, because this beer is great.

This beer has an 8.9% ABV rating, which is pretty high, so this one comes in a slightly smaller 13 oz. pour size.

That is my list of favorite beers at Lakeville Brewing company, but they are all really good.

Five beers can be a lot to drink in one sitting, so order a flight to try them all, or split them with a friend or spouse. But if you pick to drink just one or two, you can't go wrong with any of the beers they sell.


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