Is The Offbeat Life Podcast Any Good?

 I love listening to podcasts. Especially those that talk about digital entrepreneurship and making a full time living blogging or doing something creative on the internet.

I love listening to success stories of people who are actually making that work and hearing their backstory of how they went from a typical life working a job to living a very uncommon life of making money by creating digital assets.

I found some interviews with successful bloggers on podcasts like The Problogger Podcast with Darren Rowse and the Entrepreneur's Journey podcast with Yaro Starak. Not all of the episodes on those podcasts are that type of interview with a blogger theme, but the ones that are are my favorites.

When I had finished all of those episodes I felt like I still wanted more. I looked for similar podcasts, but surprisingly there weren't all that many which provided that type of content. Or at least I had trouble finding them.

One of the podcasts which did serve that sort of content was a great show called "The Offbeat Life". The Offbeat Life is hosted by Debbie, and she interviews people who are living uncommon lives focused around being remote and being a digital nomad.

She talks to interesting people who either travel most of the time or who could travel most of the time because they make their living doing something that only requires a laptop or a phone.

I think Debbie is a great interviewer. She is a good speaker and she asks interesting questions. When she is adding her own ideas to the conversation, what she says is useful and the show is better for it.

And I really like the whole concept of the show. These are the most interesting people on the planet (at least I think so). Anyone who can find a way to build an income while traveling and essentially doing whatever they want whenever they want is inherently interesting.

Overall I really enjoy the show. Debbie has lots of episodes published, so you won't run out of content to listen to any time soon. She has over 100 episodes released. I would recommend people listen to it.

Listening to the personal stories of people who have figured out how to live that sort of lifestyle is so inspiring!

My Favorite Episode

One particularly interesting episode (which I can't remember anything about: not the name of the guest, not the name of their blog, not the episode number) featured a woman who runs a travel blog with her boyfriend or husband (I can't remember if they were married). The way they run the content of the blog is that they move to a new city around once a year and then write about their experiences in that city.

They are creating a travel blog, but highly focused on a particular city at a time. They try the restaurants and visit the shops and parks, and they write all about it. I think she said their site gets enough traffic to earn the a life-sustaining income, preventing either of them from needing to get a job, which allows them all kinds of time to really experience the city they are living in.

My Recommendation/Criticism

The main thing I would change about the podcast is about the sorts of occupations of the guests she chooses to have on. 

I love episodes of people who are running solopreneur businesses. Bloggers, Youtubers, ebook authors. Whatever it is that they do specifically, they make their money from their own personal creative outputs.

I feel like those are the minority of the episodes.

Far more often are people who have regular jobs which allow them to work remotely. They might be interesting jobs. They might be inspiring jobs that are filled with passion. But they are still having to do work for an employer that sends you a paycheck. That doesn't interest me in the same way.

I have listened to some of those episodes, but I largely skip over them to get to the blogger-type ones.

Now, that isn't a problem with what Debbie has promised of the show. She interviews people who are living as digital nomads, living the laptop lifestyle, and who live an offbeat life. All of the people she has on fulfills one of those promises.

She brings on interesting people, and if she is providing something listeners want, then she should continue to do that. But for me personally, I am much more interested in hearing about people who've built an income by blogging.

I don't have a formal rating system, but I would give this podcast a thumbs up. I would recommend it to others. I think people should listen to it. And Debbie, if you are reading this, I love the show and keep up the great work!


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