Bloggers That Write About Lakeville or Minnesota Suburbs South of the Twin Cities

 I think it's cool to read stuff written by local writers. I like to blog and think building a website is really fun. So I am especially interested in reading the blogs of local bloggers.

Unfortunately, there isn't a directory that I'm aware of which curates and organizes bloggers by their home base.

Since it doesn't exist, I figured I would try to collect as many of the local Apple Valley, Lakeville, Farmington, Eagan, Rosemount, Bloomington, Edina, Minnesota bloggers into one place as I can.

This list won't be very long because I haven't found many of them. It is possible that there are many more, but I just haven't come across them.

If you are a Minnesota blogger, or know of a Minnesota blogger that I've missed, please comment with their site info on this post and I will do my best to incorporate them. Thanks in advance!

Mak & Cheese

Mak & Cheese is a blog written by a woman who calls herself MaK. The blog hasn't had a new post since the summer of 2017, but the site is still up, so there is a chance this blogger will return to the keyboard. And even if all that is to be written is already published there, it could be worth checking out.

The blog has a food theme to it. It is about recipes, food reviews, and restaurant reviews.

I found this blog when I found its article reviewing the Lakeville restaurant Barley + Vine Kitchen.

Toys In The Dryer

I actually don't know much about the blog Toys In The Dryer. The author of the blog commented on a post on the Mak & Cheese blog, and it seems that the blogger is from Minnesota.

The About page says the blogger lives in a suburb south of the Twin Cities.

The topics of the blog are parenting, crafts & activites, and treats.

My Annoying Opinions

My Annoying Opinions seems to be written by someone who lives south of the Twin Cities. The about page says that the author is a teacher.

The blog is mostly a whisky review blog, but there are also many articles about food and cooking. They also write a lot of restaurant reviews. There's also a really great subsection where they compile all of the Minnesota restaurant reviews.

I found this blog because the author wrote a review of an Indian restaurant in Apple Valley which has since gone out of business - Darbar India Grill. I really loved the food at Darbar and was really sad when it closed.

The person who writes My Annoying Opinions writes very good reviews and usually includes some great pictures so that you can really experience what it would be like before you go for yourself.

Kathryn Egly

Kathryn Egly writes on a blog with her name as the title. I found this blog while searching town names + blogger.

Kathryn writes book reviews and talks about parenting young boys.

She has even written an illustrated children's book.

Unfortunately, this short list is all I have come across so far. I know there must be more Minnesota bloggers out there, but I haven't yet found them. Again, please recommend any local Minnesota bloggers you know of in the comments. Thanks!

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