Do You Ever Get To See The Aliens In Colony?

 I have been watching the TV show Colony on Netflix lately. I believe it originally aired on USA network, but I am late to the series and didn't actually watch it on its home network.

The show is a sci-fi drama about an alien invasion that takes place around Los Angeles. The alien invaders use collaborating humans to institute a very strict and heavy-handed authoritarian government.

One of the noteworthy key features is that the aliens installed very tall walls that keep various areas segregated. The inability to freely travel causes lots of problems for the characters in the show.

In the show, the alien invaders are often referred to as RAPs, which I believe is short for raptors. I'm not entirely sure why they are called raptors. Maybe it is a clue that the aliens look like dinosaurs or birds?

In the beginning episodes of the show, you see the effects and technology of the aliens, but you don't actually see the aliens themselves.

You see the walls they put up. You see their flying security drones. You see the human military that patrols and controls all activity in the region.

But you never see an alien.

After several episodes without seeing an alien, I started to wonder if maybe there actually weren't any aliens. That maybe it was just a very strict dictatorship that used the ruse of an alien invasion to try to encourage the cooperation of the people being oppressed.

But you do eventually get to see an alien.

The human leaders who are chosen by the authority of the aliens refer to the aliens as "Hosts".

There is an episode (I can't remember if it is in season 1 or the beginning of season 2) where the rebel groups learn that a Host is traveling through the region to visit with the human leadership.

The resistance group plans an ambush and ends up kidnapping one of the Hosts. They blow up the tracks of a subway that the RAP is traveling on, which ends up knocking the RAP unconscious.

The rebels grab the unconscious Host and take it back to their base to study.

The Host looks fairly human in that it has 2 legs, 2 arms, a torso, and a head. It is wearing a tight fitting space suit with a larger helmet. It kind of reminded me of what Master Chief wears in the video game Halo.

Despite the rebels giving it their best effort, they cannot remove any portion of the alien's suit to get a look at the creature inside. It is locked and sealed.

They do manage to remove a piece of tech from the suit's gauntlet which they hope will be useful in controlling some of the alien tech (like the security drones).

The government forces end up learning of the location where the rebel group was holding the alien, so before they are able to learn much about the Host, the rebels are forced to flee.

We don't at that point get to see the face or body of the alien. We only get to see it's shape and suit.

I am almost done watching season 2, and have not yet seen any of season 3. I believe the show was canceled before a 4th season was created.

I'm not sure if we end up getting to see more of the aliens in that 3rd season, but I sure hope so. The human drama of the show is very interesting, but I am in peak suspense waiting to see what these alien's look like.

Have you seen the show Colony? What do you think of it? Are there any shows you would recommend to me based on my liking Colony? Let me know in the comments!

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